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Thread: 150 watt HPS questions

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    Default 150 watt HPS questions

    Building a new bow fishing deck and reusing lights from my last one so I figured I'd ask a couple questions before I get them fully set up on the new deck. My basic problem is that the lights are drawing too much wattage.

    1. I'm running the 150 watt high pressure sodiums from econolight with the 55uf capacitors from capacitor King and my five lights are pulling more power then my buddies deck with seven lights (also 150 sodiums but not sure about what capacitors he runs). Is there another capacitor that I can use to reduce how much power I am drawing?

    2. When looking for bulbs I noticed there are a zillion different bulbs for 150 watt hps lights and I have been replacing mine with ones I've just picked up at lowes. Is there a certain type of bulb that I should use to reduce the wattage that I'm drawing.

    Bottom line is I'm trying to reduce my wattage because I'm not sure whether or not my genny can run two more lights if my five current five continue to draw what they are now.

    Thanks in advance
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    Your problem, most likely, is not a wattage problem but an amperage problem. Hps lights draw more amps when you first cut them on while warming up then when they are hot. If this is your problem you can wire half to one plug and half to another, let one side warm up first before plugging in the other. This is what I did when I bow fished.
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