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Thread: PSA - Add Narcan to your first aid kit for free

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    Quote Originally Posted by everlast View Post
    prescription required. Its BS. can't protect yourself against a severe allergic reaction unless you have a history of allergic reactions. Hopefully establishing that history to be able to get the script doesn't kill you.
    Come on now we can't have people running around making Adrenochrome!

    Yup, he's crazy...

    like a fox. The dude may be coming in a little too hard and crazy but 90% of everything he says is correct.

    Sort of like Toof. But way smarter.
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    Just so some of you know, there are people who are addicted to opioids because they got hurt and trusted their doctor. Not every addict started from (this may be fun). I lost a marriage and a close friend due to addiction and neither of them were the type that just wanted to get high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JABIII View Post
    Nobody is advocating for withholding narcan from anybody. It just isn't "free" as stated in the thread title. Whatever company manufactures it is getting one hell of a government contract paid for by... Yeah, you and me. You snort cocaine laced with fentanyl and need Nitro to give you 2 hits of Narcan? You pay for it. Can't afford it? Grab a shovel and go take the place of one of the DOT shovel holders for a week.

    Now off to Walterboro to try to get my "luxury" tax reduced. Not because I am mad about the children of Colleton County being educated, but because I am sick of paying taxes for it while they aren't learning a fucking useful thing...
    Quote Originally Posted by Timber Ghost View Post
    I just wish my daughter got free epi pens for something that’s not her fault

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    Amen and amen
    Quote Originally Posted by Mars Bluff View Post
    Only thing we need to be wearing in this country are ass whippings & condoms. That'll clear up half our issues.


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