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Thread: Mother chooses her baby over life

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    Default Mother chooses her baby over life

    I read a lot of news and I'm slow to post most of it on here but this one is worth a read IMO. A very brave woman indeed.
    After you guys read it, please say a prayer for this family.

    If you click the link below there's a pretty good video interview of her and her family.

    A pregnant mother was advised to seek an abortion after she was diagnosed with brain cancer while carrying her child.

    Tasha Kann of Michigan was 20 weeks pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III — a rare and aggressive malignant tumor.

    Her doctors urged her to abort her pregnancy in order to receive treatment — something the doctors said they wouldn't do while she was carrying a baby.


    Kann joined "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday morning to discuss her reaction to the news — and to share how she chose to proceed.

    "My baby ultimately had nothing to do with the cancer, so killing her wasn’t going to take the cancer away," she said.

    Kann’s husband Taylor told "Fox & Friends" that he knew their unborn daughter was going to be OK.

    "I knew that when she [his wife] made that decision, she was determined — and I knew that everything was going to be OK," he said.

    Tasha Kann's baby
    Gracey was born as a healthy baby girl in October 2022. (Tasha Kann)

    The Michigan resident and mother of 2-year-old son Deklan as well chose to continue with her pregnancy — and gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey in October 2022.

    "She was my baby, and I knew that keeping her alive [meant] God would keep me alive," she said.

    Kann researched holistic approaches to help her fight the cancer while pregnant — including sticking to a Keto-like diet, exercising and taking supplements, she said.

    Tasha Kann treatment
    Kann continues to receive immunotherapy treatment, mainly in Texas. She has had a port installed to administer therapy every four hours. (Tasha Kann)

    Now, nearly a year later, doctors have changed her diagnosis as they discovered the cancer had spread — giving her less than a year to live.

    "She’s a miracle."

    Kann’s cancer is now classified as Gliomatosis Cerebri, which is a highly aggressive tumor that affects the central nervous system and lobes of the brain.

    She and her husband are seeking alternative immunotherapy at an integrative cancer treatment center in Houston, as Kann maintains her decision to not receive chemotherapy or radiation.

    Tasha Kann brain scan
    Kann was originally diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III before doctors recently changed the diagnosis to a more aggressive type. (Tasha Kann)

    "The oncologist back in Michigan told me they didn’t have anything that could really help me anymore," she said.

    Kann currently has a port installed in her chest, through which she administers the immunotherapy treatments at home. She needs 12-minute infusions every four hours.

    Brain cancer abortion
    A mother who was 20 weeks pregnant was told she had brain cancer — and doctors wanted her to abort her pregnancy. (Lainey Kann Photography/Tasha Kann)

    Although she is still fighting the cancer, Kann said having her baby girl was worth it.

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    One of my childhood friends little sister faced that dilemma 20 years ago. She chose to save her child and die. It was either or.

    Every time I read any abortion nonsense I think of her bravery and what cowards most of this evil country have become...

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    May she beat it in Jesus name!

    Good for her
    Yup, he's crazy...

    like a fox. The dude may be coming in a little too hard and crazy but 90% of everything he says is correct.

    Sort of like Toof. But way smarter.
    ~Scatter Shot

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    Praying for God to completely heal her.����

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    Adding my prayers as well.

    Doctors urged my wife to have an abortion due to her having a bimolar pregnancy with my daughter. She was facing my daughter being stillborn and ending up with cancer and/or complete hysterectomy.

    We chose to let God decide and I am not sure he had any say in the matter at all. I can argue it was my daughters stubborn will to live and have her way that got her here. If you've met her, you'd understand.
    "Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are for wise men to contemplate and for fools to pass by without consideration" -Izaak Walton

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    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    Or a woman, for her friends.


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    The closest thing to God's Love is a Mother's Love.


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