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Thread: 2022-23 Duck Season “OOOPS” thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Timber View Post
    Does the aforementioned vessel belong to a fellow whose initials are BD? Cause I was pulled over pissing in 7 mile one evening a couple weeks ago while scouting and a boat that looked like that one came around the bend and a crazy looking fellow pulled over and said hey man how the hell have you been? Got a dip I can get off of ya?

    After we took off, the guys with me said did you know him and I said yep, now don't ask any more questions!
    Congrats. You got Totted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highstrung View Post
    I had an old pin I used to use in my hitch as as a lock down.. in the hole thingy. Evidently it busted some where running down 261 on a Sunday morning heading to Edisto. I was by myself, not my jon in tow, but my larger CC.. When I came around that let turn in Rimini I looked back and my boat look like it was trying to pass me on the outside, unhitched. I eased up, it hit my back bumper. I came to a stop, and was thinking how I was going to get it loaded. As I was standing there the doors in front of that old church came open, and a few men walked out and offered help. I believe I burned up a hub on that morning too.
    You are a lucky fellow! Guy I grew up with did this very thing. Their thinking was "we will hit the brakes and it will sit back down on the ball". Not what happened. Trailer tongue went up under the rear bumper an flipped their vehicle multiple times down the highway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HT View Post
    I did the same thing back in the late 90s. same landing too. Bad thing about it, I cut in front of someone as they was taking their slow ass time getting their shit together and boat slid off about half way down the hill.
    Yep! For a second there was an oh shit! Got out and he was good, just sitting in the boat on the concrete. Hooked the trailer winch back up and cranked it right back on. One of those freezing ass morning where everything that was wet was frozen solid.

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