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purina said no change to feed.
anything else stupid you wanna say?

and I'm miserable bc my chickens lay eggs?

I dont follow that reasoning.

I'm NOT miserable bc I dont argue about chicken feed with people that dont own chickens.

Who's on first?
I'm not surprised that Purina said there was 'no change'. It turns out that both of these feeds in question, Producers Pride and Dumor, are BOTH TSC brands, but the Dumor is contract manufactured/packaged by Purina in the East, and, supposedly, Cargill in the West. So, yes, Purina can cleanly say "they didn't make any changes to the recipe/formula".

I would be willing to bet, however, based on my own experiences in manufacturing, that someone in the TSC management/purchasing/manufacturing chain found a cheaper ingredient (or two, three, four...), which resulted in a lower nutrient formula, even though the "recipe" remained the same.

Btw, there is "... supposedly, according to a TSC employee..." a class action lawsuit being filed against them over this feed issue. I have not found evidence of it yet, so I guess we'll see. But apparently I didn't start this conspiracy theory, doc, in case you haven't admitted that to yourself, yet.

And believe me or not, I really don't give a Tinker's Damn what you do or think, toofer. You're still a miserable human being.

You still never said what TSC feed you give your chickens. Instead you've tried to make it sound like nobody else should be having any issues since you aren't.

And, no, I don't currently own any chickens. I'm paying attention to the issue(s) because I plan on adding some of my own to my hunting buddy's flock, or start a new one with my neighbor. My wife and I use almost 2 dozen eggs per week, so it makes sense as the price creeps up higher and higher and availability becomes an issue... but, I realize you don't give a shit anyway. Hopefully I'm boring you or even keeping you from taking a good crap for now... or learning how to grease your chokes and clean your firearms like real outdoorsmen/women know how to do.

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I have 2 pairs of mallards and can’t keep up.
Drop the chicks and pick up some ducks instead.
Cool stuff, PalmettoTrooper! How long did it take to get that many eggs?

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Well, my FIL changed his feed from Producers Pride to Nutrena, and a week later 2 of his 6 hens are laying again. Bear in mind, they went nearly 2 months without laying an egg- strange even for winter time.

Not sure what that proves or disproves, but he's thinking that if the others start laying soon, he'll stick with the Nutrena. His hens don't free range, unless he's outside and turns them out in the afternoon.
Well, dang, Slaya, it's interesting to hear that your FIL, along with Phone Man(?) and a few others, here have also seen this issue, which according to toofer doesn't exist. Glad to hear he got it cleared up.

toofer, I dare you to take this issue up with JABIII, since he's the one who posted this "fake conspiracy issue".