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Thread: Cheap Car Insurance for 1996 Bronco

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    Quote Originally Posted by scatter shot View Post
    It's been a few years since I wrote a Hagerty Classic Car policy. I pulled up the qualification requirements (link posted below) and it looks like they opened up** the guideline on requiring parking/storage in an enclosed garage a little.

    Though we prefer** that collector vehicles are stored in an enclosed, secure structure when not in use—such as a private garage, pole barn or storage unit—we will consider** other storage types, including:*

    Parking garages
    Car hauling trailers
    Storage and driver eligibility are subject to underwriter review and to all applicable state and underwriting restrictions."

    As I stated above, they're a solid company and seems to have a pretty good claims rating based on reviews. I've written several dozen policies with them over the years and they've always been easy to work with.

    Here's a quick snapshot of what their guidelines are in simple, easy to read language-
    My Agent accepts the apology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forresj View Post
    American collectors called me back last night and offered to insure for $300/year. If they back out again, I'll give you a call b35w
    Roger that

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