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Thread: Of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mars Bluff View Post
    We are going backwards. When the EV dream falls apart, we'll be back to horse & buggy.
    Yes except the elites will still be jet setting around the world,....or at least they think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater View Post
    One would think the folks working there think it’s a good thing. And the folks working with the businesses that support them probably do too along with the periphery folks that get traffic through their businesses because of the plant. Shoot man, someone with your company may even be ok with it considering they can schedule work out years in advance because of it…..
    Again, and I agree with all of the benefits of having a company like BMW help grow SCs economy but what I question is why do they “need” so many taxpayer dollars and tax breaks that they could surely do without, and still maintain their exponential growth? We gave them funding a 20+ year tax break as incentive to come here. That expired and it seems now we give them the same tax break and more funding….

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    I get it, but I think it’s a helluva lot better than the returns you get from the majority of the handouts they give out.


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