Back in the 2000s my farm was one of the first to get Hogs in my area. This is a year or two before Hog Dogs and Hog Hunting were getting to be a big thing. It was so bad you would actually see them rooting on the edge of the dead end paved road pulling into the farm in the middle of the day. 30 acre corn field would be mashed down and rooted up in a matter of days. They aggravated us for a quite a few years, until one year we killed and trapped close to 40 and the neighboring hunting club / block behind me killed close to 100. That put a dent in them for a few years, but we still killed a few every year. But we still had one extremely large boar that we would get on camera but never saw while hunting. About 5-6 years ago, a buddy of mine of killed this boar early one December morning slipping across a small nook in our biggest field. Sucker was huge 400lb plus. Took the front end loader to get him in the back of the truck. Knock on wood, since we killed that big boar, we haven't killed, took picture, or saw sign of a hog since.