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Thread: Sweet Split Bamboo Rods!

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    I have one 4 - piece 9' split bamboo rod I aquired from a wrecked semi carrying antiques. So far I've never had the nerve to take it fishing.

    This site has some beauties! I love bamboo rods!!

    Winston Rods
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    I've got 4 old cane rods. One will never be fished due to sentimental reasons. The other 3 have been refinished and I fish them hard.

    There's a guy in NC that will build you a nice cane rod for about $750. That's much easier to swallow than thos Winston prices. Cane rods are on e-bay all the time...everything from refinished to new builds.
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    I've got an old RL Winston cane rod that was given to me by my Step-Dad. His Grandfather was a guide in Cranberry Lake, NY, and gave it to him. It's still very straight, and the wraps are in good shape. A neat piece of history, but I'll never fish it for fear of breakage...


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