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    I'm finally going to bite the bullet and buy an incubator this year.
    Does anyone have any recommendations as to which one I should get & what you may have & like / dislike about it. I'm not going to be incubating more than 9-10 or so duck eggs at a time.


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    I actually just sold this one only because I'm going to dual cabinet incubators for high volume quail.
    I've used it for quail, chicken, and turkey and highly recommend it. There's a small hole in the lid, get a piece of surgical tubing and a 10ml syringe for adding water without opening the lid. Holds humidity real well. I would also recommend a separate digital temp/humidity guage that sits with the eggs.

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    I used this to incubate some of our duck eggs. Brinsea Mini II is one of the great egg incubators here, especially for any beginner who is looking for premium quality and top-notch performance. It has two disks available, one for 7 eggs of all sizes up to duck and a second for 12 small eggs up to the size of pheasant.
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