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Thread: Getting wild out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by wskinner View Post
    ... Surprise, he’s assaulted a cop before. The last time was with a baseball bat. His application to a mental health court program was denied, and he was later arrested for threatening to kill someone else.
    Here we see a big part of the problem.
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    Mental health agencies as a whole, in my experience are the most impotent, followed closely by social services agencies.
    “Get out among the mountains and trees, friend, as soon as you can. They will do more for you than either man or woman could.” Theodore Roosevelt to John Muir after his wife's passing in 1905.

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    So now we find out he was just nuts & it was known but there's a chance he may be a trans lib cop hater so we gotta act like he's normal.

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    Suspect sought in robbery, shooting of Birmingham real estate developer on city’s east side

    Jun. 23, 2022

    Brian Plott, the 47-year-old victim, was shot midday Sunday, June 12, in the 7000 block of First Ave. South. He said he was left for dead, heckled and refused help by multiple passers-by.

    Plott said he was looking at the renovated home to see if the HVAC system had been replaced and glanced into the detached garage.

    “As I turned back around, there’s a gun being shoved in my face,’’ Plott said. “It was quick enough that I lunged a little bit and reached for my pistol, but he had full intentions to shoot me and then rob me, not ask me for any items.”

    Plott said he pushed the gun away and the bullet hit him in his right femur, close to the groin area.

    “He goes through my waistline and pockets and then takes off running. I’m looking back and see a red Charger full of guys. All I’m thinking is they’re going to tell him to come back and finish the job,’’ he said.

    Plott said he screamed for help for about 10 to 15 minutes before a group of people – adults and children – walked by. He said he asked them to call the police because his cell phone had been damaged, but they refused.

    He said they called him racial slurs. “If you would have heard the things that were said to me and how they were said to me, while young children were playing hopscotch…'’ he said. “I remember just laying on the driveway and people walking by and looking at me and then walking off. It was like I was an exhibit.”

    “I love what I do, and I’ve got to make a living, but does it bring fear and apprehension? Yes. It makes me nervous,’’ he said. “I need to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt and thinking the world is a nice place.”

    “He had no problem shooting me and leaving me for dead,’’ Plott said. “I am human being, but he did not care one bit.”

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