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Thread: New styles, new sizes coming in September

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    Default New styles, new sizes coming in September

    So I’ll keep it brief with words and be heavy on pics, thanks to lots of support, we are currently sold out of xl and xxl long sleeve camo shirts.
    However, we’ve been furiously sewing and procuring American made fabrics and sublimating to launch some new styles.
    First is going to be a long sleeve hooded version in our performance fabric. Same material as our current camo and will be available in traditional color, all tan camo and a “water” pattern for fishing.

    The camo available for “water, sun shirts”

    For marsh and drier areas

    Perfect for cooler days or on the water. SPF rating also.

    New solid long sleeves in earth colors hot off the press also. Made in USA of course.

    I’ll post cost later in September for scducks members.
    Also vests are restocked, jackets are being sewn. Believe it or not simple things like our zippers have been hard to procure, but we have managed.

    Pants will be too late for this season. Not going to lie, we are slammed with better selling items so it’s a work in process.

    So thanks again and I’ll update that code and drop more pics soon.

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    Looks good...U-S-A!
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