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Thread: Chene Gear....

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    Quote Originally Posted by trkykilr View Post
    Looks good on no man.

    If being a moron puts me into a position to own a place like his, you can throw me into that category any day of the week..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quack07 View Post
    If being a moron puts me into a position to own a place like his, you can throw me into that category any day of the week..
    Which one? There's 4 or 5
    Quote Originally Posted by Mars Bluff View Post
    Only thing we need to be wearing in this country are ass whippings & condoms. That'll clear up half our issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungBuckTX View Post
    Just when we thought boozers ego couldn't get any bigger he goes off and does a photo shoot for waders. This ain't good.
    Instead of paying to shoot a jake, you can buy a pair of waders and take your wife to Halls..

    Probably a lot more fulfilling..
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    So as a co-owner of a company making our gear in America, I do know that when Sitka launched their waders, they were USA made and Kokatat was instrumental in the know how. However, they are now imported as well. I'd be curious if the same factory is making these overseas. What we see is high dollar technical stuff essentially is copied overseas like the waterproof zipper deals. We've been seam taping, which believe it or not was at one time considered highly technical and now is done overseas as well. I can tell you at those prices, we could probably make them all day and night with waterproof zippers for probably right at $200-$225 per pair with the finest made in USA Grundens attached to the wader. Made in China I'm guessing based on experience they have $100-$150 in them.
    I'm not knocking them at all, because the capital to bring a new product as specialized as a wader is enormous, but for those curious if your warranty is basically there because you are buying them 3-4 times upfront and they can afford to replace them, the answer is yes.
    If you were wondering if I would ever want to make waders, the answer is no. They are hard to fit, they all leak and people are rough on them, therefore the warranty claims must be enormous. Hence why Cabelas, LL Bean etc. have changed the meaning of "lifetime".
    If anyone has been using these I hope you are enjoying them.

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    Well put


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