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Thread: DK line GSP breeding

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    Default DK line GSP breeding

    Mods, if this isnít allowed move or take down.

    I have a GSP with DK German lines that I am getting ready to neuter. My plan early on was to breed him, but I just hunted him and I have gotten to where I rarely bird hunt anymore. Prior to doing so, I wanted to see if any of you bird hunters on here wanted to breed to him. I can send you his German pedigree (which shows all the titles in his line). He is off of the Hege Haus lines in Germany for those in the know. He is AKC/UKC/NAVHDA registered and has a NAVHDA natural ability prize I perfect score of 112

    I am not looking for money or a pup, I know his parents are gone and didnít want this line to die out/go to waste if someone wanted part of this line foe a damn good hunting dog.

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    I’d be interested in a pup.
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    Wish it was a female got a male I need to breed myself. Good luck?
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