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    Diagnosed with stag 2 curable pancreatic cancer. Started having digestive issues in March. Found a tumor blocking my bile duct ,put a shunt in . It's help some with the Creon. Been through the first round of chemo= no fun. Going to have a three more rounds before surgery. Going to have the Whipple procedure after that .I've been blessed with a few breaks, bile duct block helped find it before it spread. Got a gift from a cancer foundation to pay most of the chemo. Apply to SRHS for assi stance . Got a 100% from 4/19-9/1/21. I'm not afraid to die. Come to terms with my mortality many years ago. But I've seen what this reduces people to, my boss died with it. i pray for strength to endure. And please keep posting your stories and photos

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    Keep that positive attitude. My family and I will add you to our prayer list.


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