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Thread: Tiger Woods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highstrung View Post
    I can talk about other things, except when a group of guys start talking about turkey hunting.. I just hear Charlie Brown's teacher when it starts. Glorifying shooting and bird on the ground with a pea size brain is preposterous.
    "They are who we thought they were"

    You can dress a fat chick up, but you cant fix stupid

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    Hunting isnít about outsmarting an Defeating a dumb animalís ridiculously pointed instincts and super-hero senses...thatís what itís about. Nobody outsmarts a deer or elk or duck...they overcome its instincts and defeat its senses. You musta had some turkey trauma in your childhood.
    There was a time between the excitement of first light/legal and the first wave of ducks we tried to coax in that I looked to the heavens and talked to Tripp; I donít think God lets conversations from earth taint the wonder that His children are experiencing in Heaven, but just in case, I had my say.

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    Nope, I just don't care about turkeys. I hunted them enough when I was younger, I'd rather play golf and fish.

    did shoot two over yesterday and broke even, it's hard when they zero off of you and multiples are getting shots on every hole.


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