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Thread: Netflix raising prices

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    Default Netflix raising prices

    The streaming giant has upped the cost of two of its plans, its first price increase in a year-and-a-half.

    The standard plan, which let's people stream on two screens at the same time and features access to Netflix's HD library, will cost $1 more, going from $13 per month to $14 per month. The highest-price premium plan, which allows up to four streams at the same time and also includes access to ultra HD programming, will increase by $2 to $18 per month.

    Netflix is keeping its cheapest offering, the basic plan, at $9 per month. That option only allows for one simultaneous stream and does not give the subscriber access to HD programming.

    The price increase comes as Netflix has seen significant growth in the U.S. amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. and Canada accounts for nearly 73.1 million of its 195 million global subscribers. The average revenue per subscriber in the U.S. and Canada during over the summer was $13.40.

    The company is making a bet that consumers will continue to shell out for the service even at the slightly higher price point and as they face greater subscription streaming options. In the last year, four new services have entered the market, Disney+, Apple TV+, Peacock and HBO Max. Of those services, only HBO Max charges more for its service than the standard Netflix plan.

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    It's like the frog in boiling water. A few years from now, we'll wonder how N got to be as expensive as cable was.
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    meh....I cancelled a couple of months ago when they started advertising using underage girls as sex objects.....
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    Whats a netflix
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