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Thread: TOYOTA 4wd

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    Appreciate it.

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    Coles bumper looks kinda like a Brute Force.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Highstrung View Post
    Honestly I don't know. I just told the guy to put one in, I just hit the lock button three times and it cranks up. I've still got a couple 4runners, I'm thinking about putting one in the new one.
    My wife has a 16 4runner with autostart on it. Think Toyota put it on before we bought it(still aftermarket parts). My 14 Tundra had it put on after I bought it. The biggest thing we hate about it is as soon as you open the door it shuts off. My f150 keeps running. My 13 chevy when I had it before the transmission blew(surprise surprise) also had it and kept running. Hopefully there's a fix for that now on the Toyotas


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