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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater View Post
    All the great hunting destination states that have bases and you came back to Sumter. Gay AF.
    I came here on family emergency orders. After this, I'm headed west

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    ďÖ duckhunting stands alone as an outdoor discipline. It has a tang and spirit shared by no other sportóa philosophy compounded of sleet, the winnow of unseen wings, and the reeks of marsh mud and wet wool. No other sport has so many theories, legends, casehardened disciples and treasured memories.Ē
    --John Madson, The Mallard, 1960

    "Never trust a duck hunter who cares more about his success than his dog's."

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    Gotcha. I was beginning to worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckcommander727 View Post
    First year back in state in 7.5 years. Got 2 farms that haven't been hunted but 2 or 3 times a year. Deer are about to die

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    Dang, youíre back. Iíll have to find a new spot.


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