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Thread: Why you don't do nursing homes

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    Black thief gets shot in Georgia, it's everywhere on the news with his high school pics making you feel sorry for him, this stuff happens and it won't get mentioned.

    Why you folks would believe anything about coronavirus crap you see on tv is beyond me
    "They are who we thought they were"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elcid_Fowler View Post
    Me and my sisters just got done taking care of our Mom in home. It was tough even with fulltime in home help. But her wishes were not to go to die somewhere else surrounded by strangers and we promised her she wouldn't. The last 6 weeks were really, really hard but anything is doable. I'm torn on if I want to put my kids through the same or risk being beat in a nursing home. I guess it will depend on how I'm dying. If old age alone then I guess I can see not wanting to be sent away but if it's a disease especially cancer I really don't know that I'd want to make my kids have to handle me at home like we just did for Mom (even with in home private help 24 hrs a day).
    I commend you and your family for what you have done, I know the strain that caring for a parent can cause.
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    This is not isolated.

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