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Thread: 97-98 40hp Yamaha

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    Default 97-98 40hp Yamaha

    I've noticed a few 97-98 40hp yamaha outboards selling for the price of a new motor.

    I have a 97 or 98 40hp yamaha long shaft. The plan was to put my yamaha on a new Alweld boat, but if the long shafts are brining the same coin, then I may sell/trade and get a 4-stroke.

    So my question is, does the long shaft have the same value?

    My 97 yamaha is electric and pull start. Set up for steering (no tiller). The condition is very used.
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    as long as its a 3cyl, long shafts are just as desirable as short shafts.

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    It's the 3cyl

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    They have about the same value. Like they say, there's a sucker born every day though. Some fella with more money than sense might pay big bucks for a short shaft 40 that's in great shape, just to match his boat. Most guys I run into that keep their old short shaft motor and get a new hull, get a short transom boat then wish they hadn't down the road.

    Most jon boat makers seem to be making less short transoms. From what I can tell Xpress, Havoc, Edge, War Eagle, etc offer short transoms on for the 14' and 15' hulls to accommodate both new small hp motors which tend to come in short shaft configurations, and those few guys hanging on to their old yamahas and mercs 30/40/50 with short shafts. Most new motors 25/30hp and up, far as I can tell, come standard with long shaft. Short is the exception.

    Since a 3 cyl yamaha, merc or tohatsu can easily be rebuilt, lots of folks are hanging on to 'em for good reason.

    Shorts shafts seem to be going the way of the dinosaur though. Over a long enough timeline short shafts will become more and more rare, as people blow them up and just part em out, or simply scrap em altogether.
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