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Thread: Building a pirogue

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    A plywood pirouge will not last near as long as a Chapman. Buy once cry once. Just my opinion

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    I go Chapman. My time is worth the extra few bucks...
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    Default Wood pirogue

    There is something to building and killing from a pirogue or mud boat made with your own two hands. I've built a couple of both, paddled, poled and motored to kill from all of them, the downside is maintenance but if you build it right and store it properly it'll last many years. The "Uncle Johns" pirogue has my son sitting in it, it was my first build. I still run one homemade mud boat with a homemade mud motor but I own 2 Chapmans and am looking at a 12' Lifetime Pirogue.

    Build one and enjoy the satisfaction of paddling a boat you made! Not everyone is cut out for a pirogue tho. I only know of one or two fellas on here who actually use the 50 something Chapman pirogues that were hauled from La to SC a couple years ago. Many have already been sold. LOL
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    Thanks for the post cajun. I absolutely am looking forward to building it and then fishing hunting out of my own built craft. I don't expect it to last forever, it might last a while with lots of epoxy and the whole thing glassed, but I'm not doing that to avoid the extra weight. I'm thinking I'll glass the bottom and the floor at most but my thoughts on that might change with time. I'm hoping to have something somewhat light and stable enough to use for my plans...none of which involve deep water.

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    If you can ever figure them out and get comfortable in them youíll find that thereís no better tool for duck hunting (other than a shotgun) than a pirogue! Iíve built a few, have a few Chapmanís, and a Campagna that was a home build from a guy in Chalmette that made them back before Katrina wiped everyone out.
    Living in Moncks Corner but looking forward to moving back to the West Coast in 2020 where there are more ducks and less duck hunters!! LOL


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