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Thread: AI is the Beast spoken of in Revelations

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    Default AI is the Beast spoken of in Revelations

    AI is the beast! Here we go. Right now it isnít mandatory. Can you imagine in short order. I can and it will be! This is how you will have to have a mark on the hand or for head to buy or sell. We will be told AI can no longer use regular payment methods because of security concerns!
    Oooo, how that three hundred pounds amaze me
    When she gets down in the gravy
    God almighty, what a soulful groove
    When she gets down in the barbecue
    Three hundred pounds
    Tall as she round
    And every pound of that body so fine
    I can hardly b'lieve that it's mine - oh man!

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    Uh oh
    Btw, you won't hear me apologize often, so you may want to put that in your sigfile. ~Mergie


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