The Carolina Wildlife Syndicate has been greatly honored with the leadership role in coordinating the construction, design and implementation of the Logan Janik Nearshore Memorial Reef here in Charleston, SC.

Logan was a kind, humble and loving pillar of the youth community surrounding Charleston, SC.

Logan was dearly loved by his family, friends and teachers. He was also an outstanding athlete. He was very much respected and admired by his teammates both during practice and on the Lacrosse field.

Like many of our members, Logan dearly loved the outdoors, especially fishing. He always showed great ethics in his pursuit of both game and fish while afield.

A special thank you goes out to SCNDRs Bob Martore and his staff of the SCNDR Marine Artificial Reef Program as well as Robert Boyles, the Deputy Director of Marine Resources. These employees have most graciously accommodated this project, moving it forward in a most respectful and professional fashion.

If you are able, please take the time to read about Logan and donate to this memorial artificial reef program. Not only will your donation memorialize Logan Janik and his life here on this earth but it will also serve greatly towards beneficial marine fisheries habitat.