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Thread: Flash Mob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2thDoc View Post
    ^how do you expect that to happen? I'm all ears....
    because he stands up to the opposition, is a bully and always has to have the last word, like him or not.
    I think his base that elected him loves those qualities in him and his stance against the Libtards trying to ruin the way of life we grew up having.
    He cares about nothing anyone thinks of him except his base. His ratings are at the highest
    they have ever been and he will run on the economy, immigration and the same crap he campaigned on.
    Most think he has stuck to his promises even with little progress in some areas but his base also knows what he has been up against.
    I also think some will vote for him to spite the Mueller investigation,
    Don't get me wrong, he makes me cringe with his childish behavior. With that said;
    I fully expect him to call Warren a cunt and Biden a pussy on prime time national TV when the real debates start......that will seal it
    Oh and on a side note, I think the DOW hit 27,000 today for the first time ever...…..
    Carry on
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