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Thread: Another pit story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timberman22 View Post
    I feel sure their days are numbered. Everything works itself out in the end. I just hate it for my sister, she is very upset. If we would have killed them I would have never thought to scan for chips since no collars. We now know the owner's and they will be held accountable for their negligent and careless actions from our family and numerous others that span over the past few months.
    Only one thing worse than pits…their owners, most of whom are judgment proof.

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    Pit owners will sucker punch you in a New York minute
    "They are who we thought they were"

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    Quote Originally Posted by theoldblackdog View Post
    I was sitting in the stand this morning, looked down and there was a pit in the field. No collar but didn’t look hungry either. As much as I don’t care for them I couldn’t bring myself to shoot it. Looked happy enough at the time and ran the turkeys out of the field but was fine other than that. No problems shooting a coyote but just couldn’t do it to a dog. Now if it was attacking my dog that’s a different story.
    Baseball bat, I hear.

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    Nah. Visor nailed it.

    Sucker punch, fo sho.

    *I own a pit (kids are still alive last I checked). So, I would know.

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    Go tigers!

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    You’re in the minority …everybody has a pit story.
    Hope you don’t have one in your future but I err on the side of caution and ground check them if applicable.
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    This wasn't the 1st rodeo with Lexington County Animal Control and the pits that killed my sister's pet along with another pet in a nearby neighborhood. They had been warned previously on the dogs. Hopefully the lesson has been learned and next Thursday in the courthouse will be their final interactions with anything!
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    I agree with timber22


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