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Thread: Parris Island boat crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolina Counsel View Post
    It’s interesting how the cops just sometimes fail to do the simple things. I represented the widow of a guy who got killed by a flying Maserati that crossed a 500 foot long field and launched over an embankment, flying dozens of feet through the air before crashing through their home, striking the man in the head while he was watching basketball on the couch. The driver was a very well known and wealthy local businessman who had just come from a wedding reception. Sobriety test of any kind? Nope.
    I remember that well... Very Well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luvin' Labs View Post
    I remember that well... Very Well.
    As do I. Thought of that incident just two days ago rounding the same curve.
    Go Tigers!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhogancu View Post
    The accident on Murray back in 2010 that involved a member here took exactly 7 days from date of accident to charges being filed against him
    And to this day I'd still like to put my fist through the back of his head. Amber and Kelly..
    Kelly was like my little sister and I think about her all the time. Jerry and Paula her parents went through hell. Same with colt and rob.
    Quote Originally Posted by BOG View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRT View Post
    It didn’t. He got sentenced to 10 years and out of all the “confusion” he was given field sobriety test.

    An innocent girl lost her life, her family has to deal with it every single day just like with this case. One has to ask what is the difference?
    Both are awful situations, I just believe that the first priority in this case was to find the missing girl which is why this one is dragging out. Along with it involving a very powerful family with deep ties throughout the state who lawyered up in record time after the incident. This is such an awful scenario as was the Lake Murray incident and I just hope that justice is served to whomever was operating that boat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolina Counsel View Post
    It’s interesting how the cops just sometimes fail to do the simple things. I represented the widow of a guy who got killed by a flying Maserati that crossed a 500 foot long field and launched over an embankment, flying dozens of feet through the air before crashing through their home, striking the man in the head while he was watching basketball on the couch. The driver was a very well known and wealthy local businessman who had just come from a wedding reception. Sobriety test of any kind? Nope.
    That was one of the most bizarre stories I've ever seen play out, especially with all of the bad behavior that came to light.

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    It was a fiasco, he was a total jerk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chap View Post
    That was one of the most bizarre stories I've ever seen play out, especially with all of the bad behavior that came to light.
    The sad part of it was that the widow and family were kind of dragged through the mud, at least in the media and social media. There were suggestions that their silence was paid for, etc. The truth was that they were exceptionally private people who were devastated by the loss of the family patriarch and simply wanted to move on quietly. They weren't out for vengeance or justice. We were actually present at the sentencing on behalf of the family as they didn't want to go or to be heard. People misinterpreted that silence. But I digress.
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    If the driver of a vehicle or boat is intoxicated and is clearly at fault(I.e. Running a boat into a bridge, running off the road and flying through the air into a house)in the accident then that would prove that they are “less safe” to operate said vehicle. Intoxication can then be proved by a blood draw at the hospital on the order of a warrant. Conducting standard field sobriety tests on someone who has just been involved in a serious accident would not happen if they are injured and need to go to the hospital. Any S.F.S.T. Are done at the scene immediately after the accident. Money does talk. If they don’t make a case against someone involved in that boating death I will be extremely surprised.

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    Sad indeed.

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    I have exceeded my views on the island packet this month. Can someone post the info on the recent article
    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel Yell View Post
    now Hogan can fuck off on here all day and call it work, thanks!

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    Confusion in the aftermath of the Feb. 24 boat crash that killed a Hampton County teen led to Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers sending multiple first-responders to the wrong location in the first hour after 911 was alerted to the incident, according to a review of dispatch recordings by The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette.

    The recordings reveal an hour of chaos and misdirection, beginning with the 2:26 a.m. 911 call reporting a boat with six people had crashed into a bridge near Parris Island and one of those boaters — later identified as 19-year-old Mallory Beach — was missing.

    Beach’s body was found a week later. A preliminary autopsy lists her cause of death as drowning and secondary blunt force trauma as a result of the crash.

    “If they could have been there sooner, maybe she could have been found,” Randy Beach, Mallory’s uncle said Saturday night. “They could have given her CPR. There is a lot of what ifs. Maybe it wouldn’t have been seven days to find her.”


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    Fire and EMS first arrived on the scene 28 minutes after the 911 call came in. Two ambulances didn’t make it to the scene until 3:04 a.m. — 38 minutes after the call, according to the recordings.

    The national standard for arriving on scene of an emergency is four to eight minutes from the time of being dispatched, said Todd Sanders, an instructor with Rescue 3 International, a California-based company that trains rescue agencies on water rescues.

    Dispatchers typically have enough information to dispatch units within 60 seconds of a 911 call, Sanders said speaking generally and not about the specific case. He said this can vary depending on the size of the police department taking the call.

    Water rescue was first dispatched six minutes after the call came in, while fire and EMS departments were dispatched 12 and 13 minutes into the call, according to an Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette review.

    “I know I will always be questioning it and knowing maybe things would have turned out differently, if they were dispatched to the right location,” Beach said. “That is something I will never know.”

    The 911 dispatcher who handled the initial call and took several minutes to determine an exact location of the crash resigned from the sheriff’s office on Wednesday, said Maj. Bob Bromage, spokesperson for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

    Bromage said officials are reviewing the 911 calls from the incident.

    “When issues are brought to our attention, we will review it and see how we could do better,” Bromage said.

    Asked if the dispatcher’s resignation was related to the Feb. 24 incident, Bromage declined to comment.

    When asked if it was normal for a dispatcher to take several minutes to ask about the injuries at the scene of a reported incident, Bromage declined to comment.

    Police reported that all five boaters were “grossly intoxicated” and “injured.” While alcohol was suspected as a factor in the crash, no charges have been filed in the case, according to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, the lead investigating agency.

    It’s unknown if the slowed response time to the scene hindered the investigation.

    DNR was one of the last agencies to arrive at the scene — more than an hour after the 911 call.

    No charges have been filed in the investigation

    As of Friday, DNR investigators had not yet spoken with all of the occupants on the boat, spokesperson Robert McCullough said.

    THE 911 CALL

    In the first few seconds of the 13-minute 911 call, the male boater reporting the crash gave an accurate description of their location. His voice was flat, clear and calm.

    Here is a transcript of the first minute and a half of the exchange.

    Caller: We’re in a boat crash on Archer’s Creek.

    Dispatcher: Where about on Archer Street?

    Caller: In Archer’s Creek. The only bridge in Archer’s Creek.

    Dispatcher: Archer Street?

    Caller: Archer’s Creek.

    Dispatcher: Archer’s Creek.

    Caller: Near Parris Island.

    Dispatcher: OK. What’s going on?

    Caller: It’s by Parris Island.

    Dispatcher: Right. What’s going on?

    Caller: We’re in a boat crash.

    Dispatcher: You’re in a what kind of boat?

    Caller: A boat crash.

    Dispatcher: A bo- boat? Did you say a boat crash?

    Caller: A boat crash.

    Dispatcher: OK. So you’re at a dock?

    Dispatcher: Hello? Are you at the dock?

    Caller: No. We just crashed. In a boat.

    Dispatcher: All right. Are you in the water or are you … ?

    Caller: We’re in the boat.

    Dispatcher: OK.

    Caller: We have someone missing.

    Dispatcher: OK. Hang on one second, OK?

    In the background of the call, screams are heard as upset boat occupants call out for Beach, who is missing. “Mallory!!! Oh my f***ing God,” yells an unidentified female boater, searching for Beach.

    More than two minutes into the call, the dispatcher acknowledges the cries for help.

    Dispatcher: “Well, who’s that in the background?”

    Caller: “There’s six of us and one is missing.”

    The description given by the caller “the only bridge on Archer’s Creek” could be found by a quick Google search, but the dispatcher questioned the caller on the location for several minutes before asking about injuries or information about the missing boater.

    As time ticks, the screams grow louder in the background.

    “I’m losing so much blood. I’m soaked in my blood,” a woman at the scene of the crash yelled.

    “Oh my God. I’m losing so much f***ing blood,” she cried.

    After eight minutes, the injured woman crying in the background pleaded for first-responders to hurry.

    “Where are they? They’ve got to hurry,” a female voice screamed.

    “I got wood all up in my arm. Please hurry.” a female voice yelled again.

    While on the phone with dispatch, two of the boaters walked to the top of the bridge to make it easier for first-responders to locate them. After 11 minutes, the dispatcher was still questioning the caller on the exact location of the crash.

    “So if you’re coming from like Walmart to Parris Island?” she asked, short of breath.

    “Right,” the caller said. “If you would send an ambulance to Parris Island, ma’am, we’ll be waiting on the road.”


    Dispatchers either gave the wrong location or failed to correct first-responders heading to the wrong place 14 times in the hour after they received the 911 call, according to a review of the dispatch and radio calls among emergency officials.

    It is uncertain if dispatchers confused the description “Parris Island bridge” with the Russell Bell Bridge — the bridge that connects Parris Island/Shell Point to Port Royal. The Bell Bridge is 1.5 miles away from the Archer’s Creek Bridge, where the crash occurred.

    Dispatchers referenced the Bell Bridge and “Parris Island bridge” to first-responders multiple times.

    “Dispatch this is Battalion 1,” a fireman asked at about 2:54 a.m. after receiving multiple conflicting statements about the location. “Did you say the location was uh ... the Battery Creek boat landing? I didn’t understand the address you were giving us.”

    Fire and EMS first arrived on the scene 28 minutes after the 911 call came in.

    Two ambulances didn’t make it to the scene until 3:04 a.m. — 38 minutes after the call.

    Lt. Ross Vezin, with the City of Beaufort and Town of Port Royal Fire Department, said Thursday his department typically arrives on scene within five minutes of receiving a dispatch call. The first call for fire went out 12 minutes after the 911 call was picked up by dispatch. Vezin said responders with his department searched the top of the bridge.

    They even started searching the water with Sonar imaging along with marsh areas around the bridge. Vezin said he wasn’t sure what time they were told they were in the wrong spot.

    At 2:57 a.m., 31 minutes after the 911 call came in, dispatch asks police at the scene, “Do you have any EMS personnel or fire personnel with you yet?

    “Negative,” an officer replies.


    Some on social media have criticized the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, the lead investigative agency for the crash, for not determining the boat’s driver and not giving sobriety tests to potential suspects

    When asked if the dispatcher confusion delayed DNR’s response to the scene, spokesman Capt. Robert McCullough said, “Not that I’m aware of.”

    Calls from the night suggest a different story.

    A DNR dispatcher went around and around with a Beaufort County dispatcher on a 3:15 a.m. call, trying to get a better description of the crash location.

    At 3:22 a.m. a DNR official called dispatch, saying they gave the department the wrong number for the police officer in command at the scene.

    McCullough said his agency was first contacted at 2:40 a.m. He said a DNR officer arrived on the scene about 30 minutes after receiving the call.

    DNR didn’t make it to the scene before the five boaters were taken to the hospital.

    About an hour and 20 minutes after the crash was reported, DNR officers hadn’t yet made it to the hospital.

    Dispatchers called Beaufort Memorial at 3:44 a.m., asking if DNR officers were there.

    “You don’t happen to have a DNR officer in there speaking with the subjects that just came in from the water emergency, the water, the boat call?” the dispatcher asked.

    They were told that there weren’t any officers with the boaters, but a sheriff’s deputy was at the hospital.

    The confusion among responders continued for hours after the crash.

    At 4:29 a.m. dispatchers received a call from Beaufort County Search and Rescue saying, “We are getting conflicting stories here. I would like to talk to whoever called in so we can see exactly where the boat hit and where she flew out, so we can search the area better.”

    More than 500 people attended a March 7 funeral for Beach who is remembered for always being kind, a Christian and a lover of animals.

    The SCDNR investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death remains ongoing.

    “They say only the good ones go young,” Olivia Boyles, a friend of Beach’s has said. “She really was a good one.”

    Read more here:
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    I was in the fire/emergency services field for 30 years. That is the most fucked up dispatch information I have ever heard of. I hope the person was fired and then some!
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    Resigned. According to that article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by led0321 View Post

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    I am not suprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coot nasty View Post
    This is a horrible situation and I hope it will open some eyes on this site. I pray this family can get through this I couldn't even imagine going through what this family is right now. I hope and pray I'm never in this situation which my kids. I can tell you one thing.... It has opened my eyes because I'm guilty of drinking beer and driving my family around in my boat. And a time or two I'm sure I was not in the right to do it. BUT YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS IF YOU SEE ME ON THAT SANDBAR THIS SUMMER I WILL NOT BE DOING IT. I'm sure some of use are guilty of it. Let's just pray that this family can get through this. And we all should make better decisions. Anything can go down at a snap of a finger and change your life just like that.

    Well said. Hate to say it but I agree in that MOST of us have all been guilty of this at one time or another and only by the Grace of God did something not go terribly wrong.

    Prayers to all involved.

    Feel so much pain for the young lady’s family, our best friends lost their son (like our second son) in a terrible accident when he was a student at USC . It has been 11 yrs the 26th of this month and the pain is still there

    As for the attorney’s son, as bad as it sounds it is still “business” at this point . No matter what the courts/LEO’s do the driver of this boat will have to answer to his maker one day for this as well as live the rest of his life KNOWING what happened.

    Kind of like the Tucker Hipps case at Clemson, SOMEBODY knows what happened and you think one day the guilt will overwhelm them

    Again prayers to all involved and LEO is between a rock and hard place on this

    And I will add this, we tell this to ALL of our teen driving students, NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS BETWEEN Midnight and 4am (majority of DUI deaths happen at this time )
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    Quote Originally Posted by tprice View Post
    LEO is between a rock and hard place on this
    Maybe, but that’s no excuse for letting a killer walk free.

    Edit: Saying this about not having blood drawn or conducting field sobriety tests. I’m hopeful the investigation will bring the responsible parties to justice. Anyone who may be impeding it or dragging their feet because of who the possible driver’s daddy is, IMO, are accessories after the fact.
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