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Thread: Spring food plots

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    How did you keep the deer out of those peas?

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    At a 1/4ac and 1/2ac you can't provide enough food for year round feeding. Luckily everything is green in the summer and they can find enough to eat.

    Maybe try sorgum? It is easy to grow and it would be made a little before bow season. You could hunt over that.

    I would maybe just plant each in fall/winter plots. They are easier to control weeds. You can toss in some soybeans for the deer to nip as they come up. That will get them in the plots before the first frost.

    That plot of peas from the visor guy is outstanding. Ours usually get hammered before getting like that.

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    Fall. Peas. A week later the milagornite wore off and it was bare dirt unfortunately
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