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    Default Cornerstone Gundog Academy

    Has anyone used an online training program such as Cornerstone Gundog Academy? I would like to be a little more efficient and organized with my new pup but to get the worthwhile videos the program cost just under $400. Thoughts?
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    I have not done anything with them but I know of allot of people that like the Smartworks program. He is actually a member on the Refuge Forum.

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    I have used the Cornerstone program. It is a positive based, no e-collar program, that has been very easy to follow a long with. The biggest benefit of having it has been the support from the trainers who designed the program. If I'm struggling with anything, I shoot them a text and get a response quickly or they will pick up the phone and call me. Couldn't ask for more than that.

    Nothing they are doing is revolutionary but it's a solid program and will definitely get the ball rolling for you.
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    I have the whole set of the smartworks stuff I bought off here from a guy for 300$. Its sitting in the closest still. After buying we found out wife was pregnant and had to get house ready and training a puppy went out the door. May sell if you are interested.


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