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Thread: Pretty good one

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    Good job!
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    Tigernet is like Porn to DABoIII. He NEVER makes it to the end

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    Default Pretty good one

    Quote Originally Posted by Foie Gras View Post
    Good job bud. I reckon all those 200 yd off the side of the truck practice shots paid off.
    Thanks! Yep! Practicing at 200yds off hood of truck this late summer/early fall has greatly increased my confidence in making those shots in a pinch. I used to always sight in and shoot from 100 and not really worry about going any further. I have taken 2-250 yd shots on deer in the past successfully but it has been awhile since I had the opportunity at that distance. For clarification if needed for anyone reading in: deer was shot out of deer stand, Pig off truck.

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    Good work, bubba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islandguy85 View Post
    I aint kno.

    I bought the rifle used and set the way it is because I knew the previous owner pretty well and he likes firearms that perform well. I was describing to him what I was considering and he had basically what I was looking for sitting in a safe.
    .308 win rem 7005R tac 24” fluted/threaded barrel, 1/11 twist 1/4”. Shooting 165grn hornady SST for the most part but have a few boxes of some handloads as well that I did not load and would have to read the specs off the box. I am shooting very tight groups at 200 with ease but want to go somewhere where I can get out further and will in the near future. Previous owner was shooting 10” plate at 800yds w same setup.
    I think a macmillan stock(bedded) and wyatts mag/magwell. Stock is pretty beefy. Not sure what the trigger is other than its pretty sensitive and I LIKE IT. Some aftermarket bolt handle and scope is vortex razor HD-LH.
    Pretty happy with the overall setup and was looking for a multipurpose rifle.
    If I could change anything right now it would be to get rid of the extended mag feature bc it sucks to rest on stuff when hunting from various locations/positions and if you have it slung over your shoulder it wants to dig in your back unless situated right. Aside from that it would maybe be the scope bc the reticles are pretty fine in low light but good glass and way better than previous setup I had. I also prefer a different safety setup bc I feel like this one is too easy to accidentally hit to “off” but just have to be mindful. A shorter bull barrel is also way easier to get out the truck or around deer stand frames!

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    Sounds sweet, I like that tan colored stock on it a lot. Again, good killing!

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    Very Nice buck!


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