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Thread: Study linking disease and coat color in labs

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    Default Study linking disease and coat color in labs

    Not that this necessarily tells us a whole lot we didnít know, but interesting read. It has been long known that certain physical characteristics in animals are also genetically linked to other conditions.
    A simple example can be taken from orange tabby cats. 80% or so of orange tabby cats are also male. X chromosome responsible for orange coloring. Female XX and Male XY so to have a female tabby you have to have both the male and female pass on the orange gene but males only need gene from their mother.

    There will likely be testing soon that allows you to genetically test your dog to determine if it is at higher risk for future health issues. My company will likely be providing it. Keep you posted!

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    Default Chocolate

    Oh great and I was just teaching him to ride in a pirogue. LOL (He's got skin issues
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    Theyíll smoke their server trying to figure out Teeís mutt.


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