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Thread: Florence Evacuees with Retrivers

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    Default Florence Evacuees with Retrievers

    If you are displaced by the storm, or otherwise unavailable due to working for power companies, etc and cannot take your dog, I have a 10x20 kennel with two houses that I am offering. Bring your dogs food and my son and I will do the rest. Im in Florence about two miles from the 95-20 intersection. I say retrievers because I want dogs of similar size if they a re going to be together. The kennel is a concrete floor with afternoon shade. Stay safe and pm me if you have a need. If the dogs play well with others, I should be able to accommodate three or four. I will keep them for up to two weeks after the storm is over to give you time to get long term solutions in place. MG
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    Awesome offer MG.

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    I, also, have 3 runs available.
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