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    Iím planning a trip to South Louisiana for a duck hunt in mid December after the first split(dec 15) and looking for some advice. Iím going to be taking my kid to hunt and will prob go to the youth/adult only area right outside the city and WMA off lake Borgne. If anyone has hunted this area and doesnít mind sharing some info Iíd appreciate it. Even if itís just areas to avoid. Iíll be there a day or two early before the 2nd opener to scout/fish so Iím not going in blind. Thanks.

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    I’ve hunted all around Lake Borgne and the Chef Pass area although it’s been quite a few years since I was there. Be prepared for grey ducks, blue bills and a few teal or mottled ducks. The fishing should be pretty good for reds and trout while you’re there. The reds will be shallow and the trout will be in just about any of the deeper canals. It’ll take a bit of scouting to find which ponds are holding the birds out there but you should be able to get some shooting in. Some of that water can get a little nasty in bad weather so I hope you’re taking a decent size boat. Most folks there have 17-20ft jon boats and carry a couple pirogues to get around in the marsh with.
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    You're a stones throw from Chapman pirogues if you need to get one or two hit Steve up well in advance before you go.
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