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Thread: Qualified captain

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    Early one morning we were at Pack’s standing next to the boat ramp. There was a fellow backing his 18 foot bass boat down the ramp and his ride slid half off the trailer before he could get his tires wet. It was a bad scene and his boat made an awful noise when it hit the concrete.

    There was enough people standing around that everybody found their spot along the boat and manhandled that thing back on the trailer.

    The last thing I remember was that boat heading toward the flats and going fishing after all.

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    Archie and Puddin were hunting one morning and headed back to the ramp. As Archie was motoring up to The landing they noticed a fella had backed his trailer off the ramp and had it stuck and banged up in some rocks with the boat still on it. Archie tells pudding to leave it alone but knew that wasn't going to happen. Puddin walks up to the situation, looks at the trailer and back again to the fellas a few times. Then Puddin says "You know man it's none of my business but you really should have used this perfectly good ramp right here. You're going to fuck yer shit up like this."
    I feel like that picture would have made the insta these days but was before household internet.
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    Runaway boat in Miami today, wild video from helicopter as boat launches off a dock
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