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Thread: (TIL) Ferarri Engines Are Musically Tuned

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    Default (TIL) Ferarri Engines Are Musically Tuned

    Today I Learned (TIL) that Ferrari engines are musically engineered to sound perfect by utilizing 3rd and 6th harmonics on the air intake, like a flute or organ.

    Engine Sound: pleasurable music

    Engine sound is one of the most distinctive features of any Ferrari model and, naturally enough, development work on the 599 GTB Fiorano also centred on honing the quality of in-car sound which not only enhances driving pleasure but makes for a quieter ride inside the cabin itself.

    The quality of sound is down to the sound frequencies which reach the driver.

    The sound becomes more pleasurable when certain engine frequencies are enhanced whilst reducing mechanical resonance, particularly when accelerating hard. Work was done on the body and transmission too as part of this "design to sound" approach.

    The most characteristic acoustic components of a 12-cylinder engine are the third and sixth harmonics. The former gives the sound a more robust tone while the latter guarantees a pleasant timbre.

    The combination of different components produces the signature Ferrari sound. The air filter housing is fed by a tube connected to an intake in the front bumpers to transmit the intake sound into the cabin while the exhaust silencer's volumes and geometry were optimized too.

    There is also variable geometry management with By-Pass valves to generate resonance in line with the intake frequencies and reduce the exhaust back pressure to the engine to maximise power delivery at higher revs.

    Mechanical engine vibration, on the other hand, was reduced by a special damping system incorporated into the intake plenums which absorbs higher vibration amplitudes. To reduce driveline vibrations which can give rise to "gear rattle", a damper was fitted to the driveshaft behind the clutch. During development of the external elements of the bodywork, the designers not only took into consideration aesthetic and aerodynamic requirements but also worked to reduce wind noise around the bonnet and wheel arches as well as optimising sound insulation in the areas concerned.
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    yeah, but can they do this?



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