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Thread: Lies Police Officers Will Say To Get You To Talk

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    Default Lies Police Officers Will Say To Get You To Talk

    Lies Police Officers Will Say To Get You To Talk
    There are many ways a police officer will LIE and trick you into talking. It's always safe to say the Magic Words: "Am I free to leave? I'm going to remain silent and I want a lawyer."
    The following are common lie's the police use when they're trying to get you to talk:
    * "You will have to stay here and answer my questions" or "You're not leaving until I find out what I want to know."
    * "I have evidence on you, so tell me what I want to know or else." (Police can fabricate fake evidence to convince you to tell them what they want to know.)
    * "You're not a suspect, were simply investigating here. Help us understand what happened and then you may leave."
    * "If you don't answer my questions, I won't have any choice but to take you to jail."
    * "If you don't answer these questions, you'll be charged with resisting arrest."
    * "Your friend has told his side of the story and it's not looking good for you, anything you want to tell me?

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