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  • 2thDoc's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 08:49 AM
    2thDoc started a thread clemson vs usc in SportsTalk
    I'll say it. Clemson wins because usc sucks. 63-17 Go Tigers!
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  • tprice's Avatar
    12-05-2023, 07:13 AM
    Ok, best buddy is originally from Darlington and while he culinary tastes are about as bland as teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day off he raves about...
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  • jwterry3's Avatar
    11-29-2023, 07:59 PM
    Rattler declares……Gauthier and Bailey to portal. Leaves Sellers and Doty….time for Shane to go shopping in the portal….some stud QBs in it this yr.
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  • Black Bart's Avatar
    11-13-2023, 11:24 AM
    You knew it was coming... Likes/dislikes? Must haves? Stuff I should avoid? Price points? Glass? Go.
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  • Featherduster's Avatar
    12-02-2023, 02:56 PM
    This is a great opportunity to witness the dawning of a new era. Gather your family and friends around to experience together this monumental moment...
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  • Silentweapon338's Avatar
    11-28-2023, 10:40 AM
    Can someone explain to me why a guy who isnt running for president, is "debating" a guy that is 3rd or 4th in the primary now? If I didnt know...
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  • Gregory's Avatar
    11-15-2023, 06:28 AM
    Our sunflower field in northern Anderson county is normally covered with migrators by now. I checked it the other day and I didn't see a dove. What...
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  • Rubberhead*'s Avatar
    11-10-2023, 07:07 PM
    I think I enjoyed it as much or more than he did...
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  • tprice's Avatar
    12-03-2023, 11:45 AM
    tprice started a thread Who gets in ?? in SportsTalk
    Boy this one is gonna ruffle feathers for lot of folks no matter who gets in, some good teams are out Michigan Washington FSU Texas ...
    101 replies | 4217 view(s)
    11-24-2023, 06:41 PM
    Guys, please say an extra prayer for my cousins family. Her 7 year old son was shot in a hunting accident this morning in Orangeburg County. The...
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  • JABIII's Avatar
    11-13-2023, 01:58 PM
    JABIII started a thread Night Game in SportsTalk
    COLUMBIA, S.C. — (GAMECOCK ATHLETICS) — The South Carolina Gamecocks will wrap up their 2023 regular season schedule, when they host the Clemson...
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  • Coastal Woodie's Avatar
    11-09-2023, 07:59 PM
    I went for a quick 3 day trip out of state to hunt some hill country deer. I passed a few younger bucks on Monday and Tuesday and was thinking I was...
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  • bbhntr48's Avatar
    11-15-2023, 02:02 PM
    Anyone have a ballpark estimate for a 8'x40' deck rebuild? Existing deck is over a freshwater canal. Cost would include tear out of old deck and...
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  • ecu1984's Avatar
    11-17-2023, 09:43 PM
    ecu1984 started a thread Football Today in SportsTalk
    Kentucky at +3 SC 7:30pm Kentucky is 6-4 with their losses coming from ranked teams, two of which were Georgia and Alabama Night game at Willy...
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  • prcn's Avatar
    11-10-2023, 10:28 PM
    The prices of crew cab side by sides have gotten ridiculous. I think $10,000 is better spent on a used Tacoma vs a used Polaris Ranger. Heat and...
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  • Gourmet Gobbler's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 11:57 PM
    My sister was watching our female GSP, Riggs, off of Sam Rittenburg in W Ashley. She was not leashed and tan off, I believe in confusion. She has a...
    49 replies | 3303 view(s)
  • Black Bart's Avatar
    11-29-2023, 09:30 AM
    Starting to plan for next season. Is there a cost range? How do I determine if a club is a "good" club or not? What other questions and/or factors...
    47 replies | 2916 view(s)
  • CurLee's Avatar
    11-11-2023, 07:58 PM
    This thread is for the deer you killed that maybe you didn't want to start a new thread for....Does, spikes, younger bucks, button bucks. You know,...
    36 replies | 3824 view(s)
  • tprice's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 07:27 PM
    Pardon my ignorance on this subject but I am not a machinist or metal guy Welding shop called me today after getting my trailer that was rear...
    39 replies | 5002 view(s)
  • ecu1984's Avatar
    12-07-2023, 03:57 PM
    Heard today, where an anonymous donor just gave $1M dollars this week to the Garnet Trust (SC NIL Fund).... and then it was "matched". Said the...
    58 replies | 2490 view(s)
  • quack head 11's Avatar
    11-23-2023, 08:44 AM
    I’m on the verge of buying new hunting clothes. Mine are dated and well worn. I’ve been researching Sitka, KUIU, First Lite etc. I hunt SC 99%...
    37 replies | 3842 view(s)
  • Gander's Avatar
    11-17-2023, 10:31 AM
    Gander started a thread Oh Orangeburg in Current Events
    Why does this keep happening? Is the dating pool for 20 somethings that dismal? You young fellas need to be stepping up your game. ...
    41 replies | 3822 view(s)
  • JABIII's Avatar
    12-03-2023, 04:56 PM
    JABIII started a thread CU vs KY Gator Bowl in SportsTalk
    CLEMSON, S.C. — The Clemson Tigers, who finished the regular season on an upswing with four straight wins, are heading west/south for their bowl...
    49 replies | 2418 view(s)
  • HEAD's Avatar
    11-26-2023, 09:26 PM
    Having a hard time narrowing down a quality glove that’s of decent quality, waterproof and still allows dexterity to shoot while wearing the glove....
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  • TheVisorGuy's Avatar
    11-16-2023, 08:38 PM
    Finally got on the board this morning. Came by this morning cruising with his head down on top of a big pine saddle with 2 deep smz’s on each side. I...
    38 replies | 2550 view(s)
  • 3 1/2" MAGUM's Avatar
    11-11-2023, 08:37 PM
    Now that I've hunted with a suppressor, I don't see me ever hunting again without it. Will be looking to off load a rifle or two and get a threaded...
    37 replies | 3597 view(s)
  • ecu1984's Avatar
    11-10-2023, 10:44 PM
    ecu1984 started a thread Football Today in SportsTalk
    SC -13.5 favorite vs. Vandy in Columbia at 12noon Vandy allows 33 points per game but the Coots give up 31 points per game Rattler should show out...
    41 replies | 3928 view(s)
  • DoubleSprig's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 07:52 PM
    For Christmas, my dad asked this be made into framed print for his office. Familiar territory to many here. Thought I’d share.
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  • Black Bart's Avatar
    11-21-2023, 08:51 AM
    It's that time again. What's on the menu? Here's what we got: -Fried turkey x (1) -Smoked turkey x (1) -Jerk smoked chicken -(Beef) roast...
    37 replies | 3172 view(s)
  • TheVisorGuy's Avatar
    11-25-2023, 01:57 AM
    My 8 year old max got his first buck tonight on 90 acres we picked up back in august from a buddy of mine.
    39 replies | 1231 view(s)
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