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  • Colin4's Avatar
    03-18-2021, 09:48 AM
    Colin4 started a thread Watson in SportsTalk
    How come y'all aren't talking about it? Being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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  • 2thDoc's Avatar
    03-16-2021, 06:43 AM
    2thDoc started a thread WAP in SC Ducks Forum
    so...i am admittedly trying my best to distance myself from the world. I dont watch the news. I could care less about most of what's on ESPN so I'm...
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  • youngun15's Avatar
    03-23-2021, 10:53 PM
    Something a little different than the points and pottery. No telling how long this thing hung out in the river swamp. Dates I've seen put this old...
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  • FEETDOWN's Avatar
    03-14-2021, 06:08 PM
    I really thought most people had sense enough to turn their headlights off when backing down and pulling out of a boat ramp in the dark. But...
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  • everlast's Avatar
    03-31-2021, 07:53 AM
    No matter your opinion on the vaccine, hopefully you agree that Americans should have a right to choose. S0177 goes to medical affairs committee...
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  • TheVisorGuy's Avatar
    03-19-2021, 10:55 PM
    Ok, I've been coaching kids in baseball, football basketball soccer you name it since I was in my early 20s. My oldest son now is 6 and in his last...
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  • Duck Tape's Avatar
    03-12-2021, 08:51 PM
    Duck Tape started a thread 20 covey day in SC Ducks Forum
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  • JABIII's Avatar
    03-16-2021, 09:17 AM
    Looks like a nice one potentially brewing. West of us is looking extremely problematic with tornadoes and whatnot... ...SUMMARY... Severe...
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  • Bad Habit's Avatar
    03-24-2021, 09:19 PM
    Bad Habit started a thread MIA members in SC Ducks Forum
    Haven't seen quite a few notables lately. Where are they and why are they MIA. TimSmith USMC silver cwpinsc mergi and quite a few more.
    85 replies | 5302 view(s)
  • Duck Tape's Avatar
    03-24-2021, 08:29 PM
    Don't waste your time ordering a boat with Yamahas or re-powering with one. My tier 1 boat has turned into a tear.
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  • Carolina Counsel's Avatar
    03-23-2021, 07:34 PM
    I am heading to my in-laws this weekend to try to get my son his first bird. Last season was awesome with so many extraordinary close encounters- I...
    64 replies | 5201 view(s)
  • Black Bart's Avatar
    04-02-2021, 08:28 AM
    ...for a shake-down trip on buddy's new boat. The water's still cool, but we're hearing that the wahoo are around. Anyone considering gettin'...
    69 replies | 4669 view(s)
  • Mobetter's Avatar
    03-16-2021, 10:33 AM
    What's the law concerning pond access and property lines? Assume the pond is non-navigable and 15-20 acres in size. The pond is owned almost...
    64 replies | 4076 view(s)
  • dmatheny21's Avatar
    04-07-2021, 04:45 PM
    My wife got to ring it today! Still a long road ahead, but we are moving along!
    63 replies | 1358 view(s)
  • trkykilr's Avatar
    03-28-2021, 11:38 AM
    I distinctly remember walking out of the OBís office in March of 2013 after finding out our first child would be a girl. I had always assumed that I...
    55 replies | 2449 view(s)
  • b35w's Avatar
    04-03-2021, 10:59 PM
    b35w started a thread 1st Fire Claim in SC Ducks Forum
    And it was my own house. We were sitting out in the back yard around the fire and our kids come running outside screaming that the garage was on...
    72 replies | 3184 view(s)
  • Highstrung's Avatar
    04-04-2021, 05:00 PM
    Highstrung started a thread The Masters in SportsTalk
    The week is beginning.. with Jordan's putt going down. It's spring.
    69 replies | 3353 view(s)
  • scatter shot's Avatar
    03-28-2021, 05:25 AM
    Thursday, March 25, 2021 Lumberton NC A couple from PA was Southbound in the fast lane on an anniversary trip to Hilton Head got into a dispute with...
    54 replies | 5183 view(s)
  • JABIII's Avatar
    03-24-2021, 09:54 PM
    JABIII started a thread Close one in Current Events
    Man with 6 guns, body armor arrested inside Publix at Atlantic Station, police say ATLANTA ó Atlanta police say they arrested a man who brought...
    71 replies | 3613 view(s)
  • Bownut's Avatar
    03-17-2021, 08:09 AM Probably tooted...Ö. Boxed in and beat...
    51 replies | 3947 view(s)
  • rp's Avatar
    03-22-2021, 05:17 PM
    rp started a thread recent home sale in SC Ducks Forum
    Out near the new Cardinal Newman school here in Columbia..........listed and sold in 3 days for listed price as is. Not a large home. 120K$. 11...
    54 replies | 3125 view(s)
  • tprice's Avatar
    04-09-2021, 06:25 AM
    Curious if anyone here has ever had the pleasure of playing a round at Augusta National Have one client, older gentleman, that played a lot of Sr...
    59 replies | 3163 view(s)
  • Duck Tape's Avatar
    03-28-2021, 08:52 PM
    White guy. Looks 50. Bad knees with braces. 16 year old and 10 yr pls? Black middle age guy. Fished behind my house at Forest Lake at the dam.
    45 replies | 4350 view(s)
  • joeydpga's Avatar
    03-16-2021, 05:35 PM
    53 replies | 3048 view(s)
  • billbuster84's Avatar
    04-07-2021, 07:45 PM
    Lock up, and strap up. Man on the run after killing 5 people off hwy 72, in the Oakdale area. Helicopters and cops everywhere out here. Just an FYI ...
    48 replies | 3744 view(s)
  • Buckin Bronco's Avatar
    04-05-2021, 10:59 AM
    What are yalls thoughts on shooting jakes? At the end of the day theyíre going to taste the same if not better coming out of the fryer. Sure you...
    48 replies | 3123 view(s)
  • banded_mallard's Avatar
    03-13-2021, 09:52 AM
    Some of you know me personally and some of you donít but have seen me ask for prayer request on a couple of occasions. I have always liked the...
    49 replies | 1281 view(s)
  • ziggy's Avatar
    03-18-2021, 09:36 AM
    http:// Multiple sources in downtown Columbia,...
    33 replies | 4923 view(s)
  • Moose843's Avatar
    04-04-2021, 07:00 AM
    Moose843 started a thread Boat Insurance in SC Ducks Forum
    Anybody seen this? I think having boat insurance is a great idea, but not state mandated. Once insurance know you have to have it by law, premiums...
    58 replies | 2166 view(s)
  • britton40's Avatar
    03-20-2021, 04:59 AM
    britton40 started a thread Youth in Gobbler's Roost
    Good luck to all the kids and Dads this weekend! Post up some pics!
    35 replies | 3002 view(s)
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