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Thread: Another thief.....

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    Homeboy was carrying a tool box in an effort to get the motor off your boat. Good chance he had a fairly large wrench or hammer in there. If I was sitting on the Jury and you told me he held up the ratchet or breaker bar he was using, I would say you were in fear.

    However, I think you made the right move by pursuing and not confronting. No one's life or safety was in immediate danger, and the confrontation could have gone any number of ways. Some of which involve you laying in a hospital bed, all of which likely involve you defending yourself in court.

    Court fees + time > immediate justice

    Not saying the system is right, but thats how it works.

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    If I have a 1911 in hand ( or my Sig P 220) , you don't want to take a shot at me.. No Dat!! LOL!!!!

    Sheeeeeeeeeit, I carried a G19 and two mags for a couple days last week. I felt adequately armed.. just cheap.. Like a street walker.

    Quote Originally Posted by led0321 View Post
    Lolz...I had to take a shot at your 1911. Forgive me.

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    Just Damn.

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    I'm not saying stretch things to justify your action, I should say. The threat must be real and a jury may well decide how real it was. I always kind of end my discussions in class with the "when it's real, you'll know, deep down inside, that it was".
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    "Dremels have ruined more otherwise good guns than alcohol, gambling, and bad relationships have ruined otherwise good men"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecu1984 View Post
    he'd have two rounds left after killing 5 of them?
    . LOL....To bad life and reality don’t always work out that way. Sometimes it may take several well placed rounds to stop a threat. Also you may very well be receiving fire in the meantime from his buddies. If you get caught in a situation, you have to do what you have to do, but if you can choose the engagement....well...just choose wisely. Sounds like a good choice was made in this situation. Things can happen extremely fast. Overestimating ones ability to deal with multiple threats can go south on you quickly.
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    If it ain\'t accurate at long distance, then the fact that it is flat shooting is meaningless.


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