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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodieSC View Post
    Hope all goes well, FrogMan. I know nothing about epidurals.
    I also was under the impression that epidurals were for womenfolk.
    i think someone once said, "take an advil or go to a damn chiropractor if your back hurts that bad, you damn pussy". i took the advil.

    Naaw, Im just kiddin FrogMan. hope it turns out to be a big, healthy, strong turd with zero fingers and zero toes.
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    How many of y'all remember Jungle Juice? Straight crack in a carton.

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    Thanks for the thoughts gents. PART of the injury is a disc that is bulged/hernited depending on who is reading the scan...
    Part of it may be a hip abductor but getting the doc to look into that is proving to be a pain in the butt.

    Current chiro hasn't helped so much but I do have a near future plan on place along those lines.

    Many thanks for the input and experiences.
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    I've had 3 and didn't get any relief.


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