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  • No teacher should ever have any type of relationship with a kid other than teacher/student

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  • Pedophilia is ok when the teacher is Carmen Electra and the couple are in ove.

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  • This man is a hero for helping sexually confused boys express themselves in a safe environment

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  • I feel slighted no hot fake titty teacher took advantage of me in school.

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Thread: Double Standard or GUILTY

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    Default Double Standard or GUILTY

    In leu of all of the hot (women) teachers "taking advantage" of their young impressionable yutes these days and getting off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist what say you all?

    A former high school teacher who hosted sex parties for teenage boys — including a “bros night” that featured a front-door sign urging them to get naked — has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    Jared Anderson, who was honored as teacher of the year at Judson High School in Texas just two months prior to his arrest in March 2016, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual performance by a child and two count of indecency with a child by exposure as part of a plea deal about one month ago, attorney Eduardo Garcia told the San Antonio Express-News.

    Anderson, 29, taught English at the high school in the San Antonio suburb of Converse for about a year. Police said two victims told authorities that Anderson had been hosting parties for several months at his home that involved sexually charged games with multiple boys.

    Anderson’s arrest led school officials to recall yearbooks in order to remove a page that cited him as Teacher of the Year just two months earlier, the Express-News reports. He was later indicted on several counts of sexual performance by a child and was placed on administrative leave by schools officials before being fired.

    Anderson hosted one party at his home on Feb. 12, 2016, that he called a “bros night,” with seven boys ranging from 15 to 17 years old, a San Antonio police spokesman told the newspaper. A sign on the door of the home read: “The last one to get naked has to get the first dare.”

    All of the boys eventually got undressed before Anderson coerced them into lewd conduct, WOAI reports.

    Anderson, who admitted hosting the parties at the time of his arrest, was also a group leader at a local church, where all seven of the victims were members, according to KSAT.

    “He wanted to be accepted by them and so he was willing to do whatever it took,” church counselor Ian Vassiloras testified during Anderson’s sentencing hearing Monday.

    Anderson had been undergoing intense therapy since his arrest, Vassiloras said.

    “He’s human,” Vassiloras testified. “There might be some little tidbits popping up, but it will never lead him down this path again.”

    Garcia had asked a judge for deferred adjudication, a form of probation, but prosecutors argued he was a “horrible” candidate for that type of sentencing.

    “My only recourse is to give you 10 years or give you probation,” Judge Steve Hilbig said. “And frankly, sir, I don’t believe you deserve deferred adjudication.”

    Anderson faced up to 20 years in prison, the Express-News reports. In addition to 10 years in prison, he was fined $9,000, according to court records.

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    Feminist are all about equal rights until it comes to sex, divorce court, and cutting the grass.

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    The difference to me is coercion.

    In the case of teenage boys and female teachers, I'm quite certain the boy doesn't need persuading, they are probably the ones making the advances. Should the teachers be mature enough to shut down those advances? Probably. Will a teenage boy who hooked up with an adult female teacher be scarred for life because of it? Doubt it.

    Can't say the same for the child where someone in a position of authority, or someone that is looked up to, has to "coerce" them in to performing certain acts.
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    Will a female student that hooks up with a male teacher be scarred for life?


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